> Chi-Ya Huang: from Taiwan, 2005
       > Sharon Song: from China 2010
       > Jia Mei: from China 2001
       > Li Fang: from China 2007
       > Wei Yan Chong: from China, 2007
       > Gan Yi: from China, 2008
       > Flora Yin: from China 2009
       > Chia-Chi Lin: from Taiwan 2006
       > Yu-Wen Liao: From Taiwan, 2009
       > Brian Nguyen: from Vietnam 2009
       > Lu LIU: from China, 2009
       > Sara Lai: from Taiwan 2006
       > Victor LIN: from China 2011
       > Ling Xiao Zhou: from China 2011
       > Fei Wang, from China, 2014
       > Lu Shi: from China 2011
       > Shirley Zhang: from China 2012
       > Yu Yu Liang: from China, 2010
       > Ye Chun: from China 2011
       > He Yi Xuan: from China 2012
       > Fei Wang, from China, 2014
   > Pohan Sung: from Taiwan 1989
   > Wei Zhou Jin: from China 1993
   > Vu Hai Nguyen and Hanna Nguyen
   > Andy Tsui: from Hong Kong 1996
   > Jia Ning Chen, Jia Xiang Chen
   > Wojciech Drazkowski: from Pola
   > Ida Tomoe: ACIC from Japan 199
       > Jeffrey Jian Fei Wu: from China, 2009

   17th April 2018

Public Holiday on 25th April

Wed 25th April is a public holiday in Australia to celebrate ANZAC Day.

ACIC along with all schools and workplaces will be closed on that day.

Students are...

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   4th January 2017

ACU visits ACIC Wuhan

Ms Woodee Wu from the Australian Catholic University (ACU) will be making a special visit to ACIC Wuhan's office on 12th January at 4pm.

ACU offers a range of quality courses...

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   14 February 2018

Postgraduate Bursary for Deakin alumni and their families

Deakin University is proud to announce their newly expanded Postgraduate Bursary, which offers Deakin alumni and their families to return to Deakin...

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Gan Yi  from China, ACIC Student, 2008

The Dream

To study and work in Australia.

The Difficulties

Came to Australia at a young age of 17 with limited English skills.

The Process

Yi came to Australia in 2002 as a young 17 years old. He first started studying English and some pre-university courses. In March 2004, he came to ACIC for advice about his future studies and course selections.

The Outcome

Within a few months, Yi has successfully received a full offer to study a Bachelor of Engineering at UTS and officially began his university studies. He also had a chance to participate in an internship program with Emotiv Systems (a leading neuron interface technology R&D company in the world) as part of his studies. Yi is still working for Emotiv Systems whilst completing his studies as he was offered a part time position after the internship. He will be considered for a full time position after his graduation.

The Comment from the Student

In Aug 2004, I have successfully completed my pre-uni course, and then applied B.Engineering course in UTS, with a lot of help from ACIC which assisted and guided me on course selection, future career consideration, course application and visa Application. The effort from ACIC's senior consultant Eric Wu was much appreciated, as all these tough and complicated procedures would be a big pain if without his help.