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Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textile-UTS

In the latest ranking by London-based industry website Business of Fashion, the UTS degree has been placed 13th in the world and number one in Australia...

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Bachelor of Media Communicaton- Monash University 


Starting in 2018, the Bachelor of Media Communication (BMC) by Monash University of the first degree of its kind in Australia..


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Australia is often regarded as the "Lucky Country". It has one of the most stable and advance economic, political and social environments in the world. It is a country admired for its beauty, freedom and opportunities.

The Best Place to Learn

Australia is amongst the most popular destinations for overseas studies. Each year, Australia attracts an increasing number of international students to its universities, colleges and schools.

What makes Australia so popular is that as a student, you will receive more than just a quality education. You will also receive...


High Academic Standing
The standard of Australian education ranks amongst the highest in the world.
Australia has always placed a high priority on education and there are legislation that regulate education institutions to ensure quality standards are met. There is a strong emphasis to protect the interests of students and to promote a stable and supportive learning environment. With the efforts of the Australian government and educational institutions, Australian qualifications are widely recognised throughout the world.

A World-Class Education System
The high academic standing of Australian qualification is supported by a world-class education system. Australia has one of the best educational facilities and teaching resources. Educational institutions have also adopted flexible and interactive methods to help students to learn and apply their knowledge. Students can thus expect a dynamic and stimulating study environment in Australia. The Australian education system has also been recognised for its practicality and preparing students well to meet challenges in the real world.

Government Support to International Students
The Australian government is a strong supporter of international students and provides multiple sources of assistance. Under the Government's legislation, international students are allowed to work part-time in Australia, giving them more opportunities to improve their English and to gain some practical work experience. The Government has also set up various networks to support educational institutions so as to maintain the high standard of education for international students.

An Excellent Living Environment
Australia is a safe, clean and modern society with a high standard of living. You will find all the facilities that you would expect from the most advanced nations. You will also find that Australia is full of natural wonders. Whether you choose to study in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Melbourne or Adelaide, you are always close to sundrenched beaches, sprawling parks, spectacular landscapes and wilderness areas.

However, unlike other countries, you will not experience freezing winter conditions or constant gloomy weather. Instead, Australia offers lots of sunshine and a mild climate that is comfortable all year round.

Low Cost of Living
Whilst you will get all the benefits of a modern society, the costs of living in Australia is relatively cheaper than countries such as the UK and USA. As a student, living expenses such as accommodation, transport and food can all add to the costs of studying abroad. By choosing to study and live in Australia, you will receive better value for your money!

Cultural Diversity at its Best
Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. It is home to a variety of nationalities and ethnic groups, with 24% of the population born overseas. As such, Australians are tolerant and accustomed to welcoming visitors from overseas.

As a student studying in Australia, this means you can meet people from all over the world as well as enjoy a diverse range of music, sports, delicious cuisines and world-class entertainment.

What better place to live while working towards top qualifications?

Some Facts About Australia

Official language: English

Government type: democratic, federal-state system

History: Commonwealth since 1901

Population: 24 million (Jan 2018)

Capital City: Canberra

Major Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin

States: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania

Average temperatures C (min-max): Canberra (3-21C) Sydney (12-24C)
Melbourne (6-21C), Brisbane (12-27C), Adelaide (9-21C), Perth (12-24C) and Darwin (21-33C).

Exchange rate: AUD $0.19 = $1 RMB,  AUD $0.04 = $1 TWN (Jan 2018)

Ethnic groups: Caucasian 92%, Asian 7%, Aboriginal and other 1%

Religions: Anglican 26.1%, Roman Catholic 26%, other Christian 24.3%, non-Christian 11%, other 12.6%