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Thinking about postgraduate study?

The term 'postgraduate study' covers the range of study programs available to students who have already completed a first degree at an university.

In Australia, students can undertake postgraduate studies that consist of research, coursework or a combination of the two. The postgraduate studies offered are:

  • Graduate Certificate/Graduate Diploma
  • Masters (by coursework or research)
  • Doctorate
  • Professional Doctorate
  • Post-Doctoral studies

Postgrad: Is it Worth it?

The trend towards postgraduate studies in Australian universities has been increasing over time. In 2000, just 30% of all international students studying onshore in Australia were studying postgraduate courses. The proportion is now estimated at 40%.

The increasing popularity of postgraduate studies is due to the fact that it can have bring many advantages for your long term career.

With more and more students attending university, competition for employment is increasingly tougher. Some career areas require a professional qualification, for example law, teaching, clinical psychology or social work. For others, a postgraduate qualification, although not mandatory, will make you stand out from the crowd, especially when competition for places is fierce.

Often a postgraduate qualification on your curriculum vitae could be 'the make or break' point in getting the job you have your eyes on. It can also offer you the chance to enter the world of work at a higher salary level than your colleagues holding only a first degree.

Many postgraduate programs also provide a way of converting to particular career areas. This is another common reason for going back to university. For example, an engineering or IT graduate can study a Masters of Commerce if they decide to change to a business related career.

"If you are among those who have the privilege for studying further, grab it!"

Why Study Postgrad in Australia?

Being recognised as one of the best education system in the world, Australia is no doubt the preferred place to take your studies a step further.

Australian universities offer the latest technology, scholarly expertise and an environment of open communication.

Australian universities provide a high level of academic support to postgraduate research students. Students writing a thesis are generally given a supervisor and at least one adviser to guide the student through on how to manage and complete the thesis successfully.

Australian universities have a number of long-established links with industry and business, including cooperative research arrangements with international bodies and institutions throughout Asia, Europe and North America. This mean more study and research opportunities for the students.

"The level of expenditure on research and development in Australian universities is among the highest in the world"

How Do I get In?

The application and enrolment process is not as easy as most people think, especially for university applications. This is because the procedure and documents required for different institutions are different with each school having its own application requirements, policies and procedures.

"There are also pathway opportunities and credit exemptions that can fast track your postgraduate studies."


If you would like to discuss the possibility of you studying a postgraduate degree in an Australian university, visit a ACIC office in your local area for a free initial consultation with our experienced consultants.