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Shaping Up for the Exams

Did you know that there are ways to help your body (and mind) to be on top condition when facing the exams?

Studies show that there is a strong link between what we eat and how it makes us feel and think. In times like facing exams, you need to push yourself further than normal. As the pressure grows, you need to feed your body certain foods so as to perform the very best.


Get plenty of:

What it does:

Where to find:

B vitamins

Play an important role in brain and nervous function

Chicken, pork, bread, pasta, bananas, orange juice, green leafy vegetables and cereals


Helps improve memory and concentration

Red meat, nuts, oysters

Omega-3 fatty acids

Helps stir-off depression, a common side effect of the exam period

Fish such as salmon and mackerel


Prevents fatigue by staying hydrated

You can vary your fluid intake by taking water, tea, milk or fresh fruit juices

To get the utmost benefit, compliment the above food intakes with:

  • Eating at regular meal times (even when stress takes away your appetite)
  • Eating nutritious snacks (such as yoghurt, fresh fruit and hot milk) between meals to boost your body with the energy.
  • Going to bed early the night before your exam staying up all night to go over your notes may leave you exhausted on the big day ahead
  • Avoiding too much stimulants like coffee, tea and high energy drinks though the caffeine makes you feel alert, when taken too much, it can leave you feel irritable and anxious
  • Doing some exercise - taking small walks and doing some stretches every hour can clear your mind and help you feel recharge

When approaching exam time, there is a feeling among the students that they are too busy to eat, exercise or sleep adequately. This is a common mistake, which can lead to depression. Your mind and body will only function according to the care you have provided for them.

Why no grab a bite of these tasty quick snack fixes:

1. Vegemite Sandwich

What to prepare: white roll, vegemite, cheese, lettuce/ Slice roll in half, spreading vegemite on 1 side Layer cheese and lettuce, close and enjoy

What is vegemite?: Vegemite is sometimes joked as one of Australia's national products as it is rare to be found elsewhere. It is basically a dark brown, salty food paste mainly used as a spread on sandwiches and toast. It is rich in vitamin B, which plays an important role in your brain and nervous function.

A little warning: for first time tasters, it is recommended that you taste-test vegemite with your little toe literally! It has history of made grown men cry.

2. "Lazy" Sandwich

What to prepare: 2 slices of your favourite bread, lean leg ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and carrot (sliced) Layer ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and carrot on a slice of bread. Top with another slice and your favourite mustard or spread

Serve your home-made sandwich with a glass of your favourite fruit juice and youll be guarantee to last-longer in your study!

Until next time,
May 2008