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Here you will find the latest and most popular courses currently on offer. If you would like further information or would like to apply for these courses, please contact an ACIC consultant.

What's Hot?

UTS - Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles

In the latest ranking by London-based industry website Business of Fashion, the UTS degree has been placed 13th in the world, up from 28th last year, and number one in Australia.


The Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles is an internationally recognised degree that gives students the start they need to pursue careers across all facets of the international fashion industry. The degree provides the conceptual knowledge and garment-making skills required to transform creative vision into compelling fashion statements.


The course is designed to provide students with outlook and ambition that extend beyond the University, cultivating a collaborative and global vision of design. Central to the course is the integration of theory and practice in relation to fashion and textile design. Students are expected to develop an understanding of the formation and application of their own individual design language and theoretical position in relation to historic and contemporary contexts.


The first year introduces design principles and challenges design thinking. In the second year students have the opportunity to diversify according to their area of interest and strength including innovation in material research, types of technologies, engaging with digital design, methods of construction, and approaches to either flat patternmaking or drape.


The fashion studio and professional practice subjects in third year have been designed to extend students understanding of global fashion and provide students with a choice of design projects and areas of specialisation.



Career options include womenswear designer, menswear designer, fashion producer, art/creative director, textile designer, print designer and fashion forecaster. Some graduates start their own business, while others work in an established company locally or with larger international brands. Graduates can also work in fashion media, including marketing, public relations and journalism roles.

For more information, please contact an ACIC consultant.



University of Wollongong - Bachelor of Social Work


Social Work is one of the most highly demanded occupation. The Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Wollongong (UOW) trains and equips students with the right skills to work in this growing industry. The course is taught by experts in the field and it includes an intensive professional experience which allows you to practise your skills with real people in real situations.

UOW's Bachelor of Social Work is provisionally accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers(AASW). It is an entry qualification into the social work profession and has been determined to meet the Australian Social Work Education and Accreditation Standards 2012 (ASWEAS).  All Graduates of this course have the same standing as graduates from all other AASW accredited courses and are eligible for membership of the AASW, which is required by many employers.

For more information, please contact an ACIC consultant.

What's New?

Monash University -  Bachelor of Media Communication 


The rise of digital technology - such as social media, mobile phones and virtual reality - are changing the way we live. Today's generation consumes data and interacts like never before, leading to a completely new communication environment.


Starting in 2018, the Bachelor of Media Communication (BMC) by Monash University is the first degree of its kind in Australia, offering an unparalleled mix of practice-based learning, theory and portfolio development. Students will gain practical experience through their extensive network of industry partners offering internships and project opportunities.


The 3-year degree has specialisations focusing on Journalism, Media, Screen and Digital Humanities. Benefits of doing the BMC include hte opportunity to study in the new Monash Media Lab at Caulfield, complete an internship with industry leaders and study abroad at partner institution or on intercampus exchange.


The emphasis is on developing the students' practical experience and work-ready skills - the student will build a portfolio of real work throughout their course. This could be projects like a documentary, a short film, or a digital marketing campaign, depending on the student interest area. The result is tangible pieces of work the student can take out and show to prospective employers.


For information and how to apply, please contact an ACIC consultant.


University of South Australia - Bachelor of Aviation (Flight)


The University of South Australia have made some exciting changes to their Aviation degree. From 2018, the Bachelor of Aviation (Flight) replaces the Bachelor of Aviation (Pilot) for international students. This new degree includes practical flying within the first year, through a course called 'Flight Experience'. With no additional fee, this course will add 15-20 hours to a student's flying log book, leading to their first solo flight. IELTS required is 6.0 overall, with 6.0 in reading and writing.


For information and how to apply, please contact an ACIC consultant.