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   17th December 2018

Christmas Opening Hours

ACIC's head office will be open throughout the Christmas season except for the official  public holidays. The public holidays are as follows:

Tuesday 25th: Closed


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   1st December 2018

UNSW visiting ACIC Taiwan

Representatives from both UNSW and UNSW Global will be visiting ACIC Taiwan on 3rd December.

UNSW is part of G08 universities and UNSW Global offers...

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   12th December 2018

ACIC - Monash University's Agent of the Year

In a recent award ceremony, ACIC has been awarded Monash University's 2018 Agent of the Year. This is the second year in a row that ACIC has received the top...

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Offshore Visa Applications

The application process to obtain an Australian student visa varies depending on your nationality and from which country you apply. It differs in terms of policy, procedure, documents required and processing length. These factors also often change according to the political and economical situations of the countries involved.

Latest visa information

  • As an official representative for many Australian institutions, ACIC meets regularly with Australian embassies and the immigration department to ensure we have the most up-to-date information on visa policies. We also provide feedback to embassies about student concerns and trends.

Contacting the Embassy on your behalf

  • Just like your course applications, ACIC can help you with every step of your visa application. We can contact the Australian embassy on your behalf if any problems arise.

Highest success rates

  • All ACIC staff at our branch offices are experienced in working with embassy officials. They have also established strong relationships with local governments. This has increased the efficiency and success rate of ACIC students visa applications.
  • ACIC branch offices have maintained the highest success rates in student visa applications in the countries we deal with.