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Dealing with Schools and Problem Solving

Studying in a foreign country is very different from studying in your own country. Apart from the language, there are many other differences such as the style of teaching, school policies, culture, and classmates. It is not unusual that students find their courses are not as they expected. However, you can always turn to your ACIC counsellor for consultation and advice.

Our staff not only understand these differences as well as your frustration, but they are experienced and well trained to help you deal with various kinds of problems.

What do I do if...I failed my test, I want to change course, apply for a Tax File Number, etc?

  • You may find your initial period of study in Australia to be uneasy. This is mainly due to unfamiliarity with your new study environment. Talking to your ACIC consultant will make you feel better and help you find ways to adjust to your new environment.
  • During the course of your studies, there maybe times when you want to change classes, transfer schools or apply for a transfer or refund of your tuition fees. These are often difficult and time-consuming matters involving contact with various departments. It is also important to make sure you meet the policies of your school and the immigration department. ACIC can help you by making all relevant contact on your behalf to resolve matters with your best interests in mind. Also, ACIC's strong relationships with institutions mean we are able to act more efficiently.

Contacting schools and authorities

  • If you have any problems with your studies, we can advise you on the best way to contact your teachers and arrange appointments for you to talk to them. We will explain your concerns to your school and assist you in every possible way to resolve any problem.
  • Our counsellors are often asked by students to obtain documents such as school reports and attendance certificates, or applying for holiday leave. Although schools encourage students to process these matters themselves, ACIC can help by providing you with assistance and teaching you how to deal with these matters.