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   08 June 2017

Monday 12th June- Public Holiday

Students are reminded that Monday 12th June is a public holiday in NSW to celebrate the Queen's birthday. ACIC Sydney office will be closed on that day and will reopen...

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   08 May 2017

ACIC Taiwan Welcomes Australian School Visits


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   05 June 2017

Charles Darwin University is...

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Communication Services and On-Going Support

ACIC recognises the importance of communication. As such, ACIC provides various services that help our students to communicate effectively. ACIC is also here for students over the long term so students can always rely on ACIC for assistance.

English language assistance
Our staff understand how difficult it can sometimes be for students to communicate in English, especially on a more formal level. We also understand some of the problems that can arise through miscommunication. Should you have any difficulties with communicating, whether it be with your school, homestay or any other parties, you can always come to ACIC for help. Our consultants can assist you in both written and verbal communications at all levels.  

Helping you to keep in touch
As students may not have a permanent address in Australia, ACIC has set up a mail service to ensure that you can always be contacted. By opting to have your mail sent to ACIC, you avoid the risk of important mail being sent to the wrong address.  We also provide you with free internet and email facilities at our head office.
Long term support
ACIC is committed to taking a long-term approach to your future.  We will be there for you throughout your studies and beyond.  As your needs and objectives change, you can return to ACIC again and again for advice and assistance.