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Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textile-UTS

In the latest ranking by London-based industry website Business of Fashion, the UTS degree has been placed 13th in the world and number one in Australia...

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Bachelor of Media Communicaton- Monash University 


Starting in 2018, the Bachelor of Media Communication (BMC) by Monash University of the first degree of its kind in Australia..


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Application and Enrollment Services

The application and enrolment process is not as easy as most people think, especially for university applications. This is because the procedure and documents required for different institutions are different with each school having its own application requirements, policies and procedures. The length of the application process also varies depending on the school and course. Some applications may take several months to process, particularly if you don't know how to manage your application properly.

Faster and more successful results
With ACICs experience and established links, we can help you receive an application result much faster than applying by yourself, with a higher success rate. This is because:

  • ACIC's head office is based in Australia. We are the principal representative for many institutions with which we have long-term and close working relationships.
  • ACIC manages admissions centres for key universities, giving us the authority to directly assess applications and issue offer letters. Students can often receive an offer letter on the spot if they meet the entry requirements.

Multiple applications and constant monitoring

  • To increase your chances of receiving an offer, we help you apply to more than one institution at a time.
  • Our administrators verify all your documents and make sure that they are sufficient and appropriate before processing your application with the relevant schools.
  • Our senior administrators at ACICs head office monitor each students applications to ensure they are processed in the shortest time possible. They also manage any changes, including changes to schools, courses, starting dates, and further documentation that may be required. They will contact institutions on your behalf, and help you resolve any problems during the application process.

Easy payment and processing

After you have received your offer letters, you will need to pay your tuition fees and obtain a Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) from the school. With ACIC's help, you don't need to worry about how to send money to Australia, whether the school can receive your tuition fees or when a COE will be issued. Once you pay the tuition fees through your local ACIC branch office, ACIC head office will start processing the enrollment on the same day. This significantly reduces the processing time and ACIC will obtain your COE faster than you can by other means.