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Accommodation and Airport Pick-Up Arrangements

Many of our students studying in Australia, especially high school students, are living away from their parents for the first time. We help you manage this important transition by finding the most suitable accommodation and providing essential support after your arrival to ensure that you have a positive start in Australia.

What kind of accommodation is best for me?

  • To ensure the quality and availability of accommodation, we have developed a system that includes a database of over 500 homestay families, a network of accommodation agents, and a special ACIC accommodation placement officer.
  • To avoid any misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations, we explain the various types of accommodation that are available and provide you with full details before you make your decision.
  • If you experience any difficulties with your accommodation, ACIC can help you find solutions or arrange an alternative at your request.

ACIC will meet you at the airport!

  • You do not need to worry about how and where to go once you are off the plane.
  • Students arriving in Australia will be met at the airport by an ACIC representative and transported directly to their accommodation.